Dec 12

What Not To Do At Your Company Holiday Party

Office Christmas Party

Christmas is around the corner and so is New Year’s Eve. Holiday parties have always been an essential end of the year celebration for many businesses. If you don’t want your company holiday party to end up like Office Christmas Party, which is a comedy movie that was released on December 9th, 2016. Then, I might just suggest the following 8 tips:

1 Don’t Excessively About Talk About Work

It’s perfectly fine as an icebreaker to tell someone whom you’ve never met, that you work in a certain department within the company, but it’s not okay to talk about it as if you’re actually at working. A holiday party is better used to get to know a coworker on a more personal level. Good topics to discuss are family, what their plans are for the holidays and maybe even personal hobbies.

2 Don’t Drink Excessively

Alcohol may be a part of the party, but since you are around people you work with, it is never a good idea to get too wasted simply because people from other departments, managers and executives will be watching. The last thing you want to do is act a fool and blame it on the alcohol, because that’s what people will remember you as.

3 Don’t Dress Inappropriately

An ugly Christmas sweater is perfectly acceptable (It’s the only time of the year when it is acceptable). If ugly Christmas sweaters are not your style, then go with traditional Christmas colors such as reds, greens and whites. Dressing like you are going out to a club is probably not acceptable because it is still a professional event. This means, no revealing clothing and no clothing that would be deemed inappropriate.

4 Be Careful With Social Media Posts

You may be the type of person who likes to check in and tag everyone, but don’t tag someone you don’t know without their permission. It’s also not a good idea to take pictures of people without their permission, just because you don’t know how that person would react being on your social media page. Some people may be fine with it, but others may not.

5 Don’t Appear Bored or Antisocial

Even if you are a self described “antisocial pessimist”, just be aware that you are here to build a better connection with your coworkers. Stop texting your friends and don’t be that person who looks stuck up and uninterested. Holiday parties are a time to “mix and mingle (in a jingle bell beat)” with other departments and people whom you may indirectly work with but never had a chance to meet.

6 Don’t Gossip

No matter what, do not talk negatively about other coworkers. Stay away from coworkers who are talking negatively about another coworker. If someone else is talking negatively about a coworker, then either excuse yourself or change the subject.

7 Don’t Act Like You’re at The Club

Outside of work, you may be the barfly cougar or even a pick up artist in training, but when you flirt with coworkers, you are flirting with disaster. Yes, there might be dancing and there might be alcohol, but that’s no excuse. Restrain yourself and still act professional. You may not be at work, but someone in the company will know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes!

8 Don’t Give Inappropriate Gifts

Your gift can be funny, but it is generally not a good idea to give people offensive or inappropriate gifts for a Secret Santa exchange. The best rule is to keep the gift giving cheap and appropriate (think PG or G rated). Also be respectful of cultural values. Don’t be the douche bag who gives a Muslim coworker a gift certificate to Miss Piggy’s Bar and Grill. Don’t be the creepy guy who gives his office crush an expensive pearl necklace (your coworker is going to be more creeped out than impressed). There is no need to spend too much, but make your gift thoughtful and cheap.

Dec 05

Special Date Package December 2016 – March 2017

a wedding in Columbus OH at Phenix Banquet Center

Special Date Wedding Package

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our Special Date Package (SDP). These specially priced packages will run in the months of December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017. Events must be held during these months to qualify for the special pricing. Book any event in our beautiful Athena ballroom and enjoy the following prices.

  • Adonis Package: $42 per guest( normally $52)
  • Aphrodite Package: $52 per guest (normally $62)

Be sure to mention this ad when you call or email us!

(614) 260-8691

For more information, view our: Wedding Venue in Columbus OH page.

Dec 03

Vernon Hairston – January 13, 2017- Phenix Banquet Center

Vernon Hairston Friday January 13 at Phenix Banquet Center

Vernon Hairston at Phenix Banquet Center

First Fridays at Phenix is proud to announce that Vernon Hairston will be playing at our Apollo Lounge on Friday January 13 2017! Be sure to stop by for some excellent food and drinks! As always, we have great music and great food every First Friday at Phenix Banquet Center!

vernon hairston is a jazz musician in Columbus Ohio playing at Phenix Banquet Center

Vernon Hairston’s Music in Columbus Ohio

Vernon Hairston has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Composition from the Ohio State University where he studied with the late great Hank Marr. He also holds a Bachelor of Music Education in Vocal Pedagogy from OSU. He has served as musical director for the stage play “This Man Jesus” featuring Jennifer Holliday, and musical director for “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right”, featuring Anthony Watson of the Chi-Lites. He has also served as music director for various churches locally and nationally. Vernon has performed with international jazz recording artist Kevin Mahogany. Vernon has produced recording projects and recorded and toured with such artists as Grammy Award Winner The New King James Version, Keith Dobbins and Resurrection, Chris Byrd, The Golden Gospel Singers, a European based gospel group, Keith Harrison of The Time, and Dove Award nominee Kevin Turner. Vernon currently heads his own band, the Vernon Hairston Trio and continues to work with a variety of musicians on a local and national level.

Vernon Hairston’s Noteable Productions

  • Minister Cheryl Boggs
  • YMCA Fundraiser
  • Cinderella Production

The Music of Vernon Hairston

Bible Songz Volume 1 is a collection of responsorial psalms set to music in a contemporary style. Some of it might be considered Gospel and Some of it might be considered R&B. These Psalms are taken directly from the Mass setting of the Catholic church and can be used as such. They can also be used in other denominations as responsorial psalms, as praise and worship songs, or they can be used simply for your listening enjoyment.

vernon hairston's CD cover: Bible Songz Volume 1 ($10) If you are interested in supporting Veron Hairston’s music, you can make a purchase on his

First Fridays at Phenix Banquet Center

If you are interested in seeing Vernon Hairston live, be sure to stop by Phenix Banquet Center (in the Apollo Lounge) on Friday January 13, 2017! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Status update

The Masquerade Ball will be rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience. All tickets have been refunded. Please stay in touch and we will keep you updated.

Oct 28

5 Ways to Look Perfect For A Masquerade Party

great outfits and masks for your masquerade ball

Masquerade Balls were all the rage in the 15th century. Even in today’s time, masquerade balls are fun. We have costume events for Halloween, but a masquerade ball can be any time throughout the year. Dressing up and putting on a mask can be a lot of fun, especially if the masquerade ball is for a charitable event.

Your Outfit for the Masquerade Ball

Your outfit should be anything formal or semi-formal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive brand named designer outfit, but whatever you choose to wear should look classy. Dress like you are going out to a high end night club. When in doubt, dress like you are going out to a nice restaurant. You don’t have to look like you are going to church (you can if you are really conservative), so keep it fun! If you are wearing a really extravagant outfit, then you can wear a plain mask, as the main attention is focused on your outfit and not the mask. However, if you are wearing a really extravagant mask, then you may want to tone down the outfit a bit so the main focus is on the mask.


This is an example of what celebrities like Beyonce and Solange Knowles wear at a Masquerade Ball.


These are examples of outfits from a celebrity masquerade ball

Your Mask for the Masquerade Ball

If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask, then it is not mandatory (unless of course the event states it is). However, a mask always adds value, fun and entertainment to the event. Therefore, it would be great if all the guests at least make an effort to wear a mask. There are many types of masks that you can wear to a Masquerade Ball. If you are looking for a unique mask, then you can always look on eBay or Etsy, because there are many designers out there who create unique masks for a living. If you are looking for something more on the economical side, then you can always purchase a standard mask from a costume store. I have also seen masks for sale at art stores too. Or you could even make your own mask using paper mache.

a variety of masquerade masks for a ball

A masquerade mask can be as colorful as you’d like. Just be sure to match it with the right outfit.

Mario Lopez and Laine Mazzo dressed for a masquerade ball

Mario Lopez and Laine Mazzo dressed in all black for a masquerade ball

Masquerade Ball Accessories

Accessories can enhance any kind of costume and really make your outfit stand out. Accessories can include costume jewelry (or actual jewelry), walking sticks, umbrellas, or even glow sticks depending on how formal or casual the event is. Fancy hats make an excellent addition to any masquerade ball costume. Musketeer hats, fedoras, top hats, bowler hats, newsboy hats, cowboy hats among many others can really complement any type of outfit. Just be careful that you don’t end up looking like The Riddler from the Batman comics (unless that’s the look you’re going for… then I can’t argue if it was deliberate).

an elegant mask, cane and top hat

A venetian mask is accessorized by a cape, vest, jabot, top hat and cane

a woman with a hat and accessories for a masquerade ball

Her masquerade outfit is accessorized with black lace and a hat

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear to a Masquerade Ball?

Wear shoes that are both comfortable and classy at the same time. Women can wear high heels, low heels or platforms. Men should stick with dress shoes or comfortable shoes that are neutral in color. Think Blacks, Grays and Browns. If your outfit is colorful, then it may be a good idea to match your shoes with the color of your outfit. It might not be a good idea to wear athletic shoes because a masquerade ball is more of a formal event, but neutral colored walking shoes should be fine if you find your feet hurt in dress shoes.

What Should I Not Wear?

I know most people reading this blog post have enough common sense not to wear anything silly, but you always have that one person… I know that style and fashion is a matter of opinion, and I’m not here to judge anyone based on their outfit, but I am only stating the obvious as a suggestion. Rule of thumb, don’t wear anything ridiculous or scary. This is not a Halloween event, so therefore you should not wear a hideous monster mask to a masquerade ball. It is also NOT a good idea to dress like you are going out to a “pimps and hoes” party because that’s just plain tacky and immature. I have seen people do this in the past, and it really sends a bad impression because you are not going to a college frat party. Masquerade Balls are supposed to be a classy and semi-formal event, so dress accordingly.

Don't dress like a pimp or a hoe to a masquerade ball

DO NOT dress like you are going out to a pimps and hoes ball. Even with a mask, this is just tacky and it makes you look immature.

a grotesque monster mask

A masquerade ball is not Halloween. DO NOT wear any grotesque masks.

Oct 16

Kevin Boyce for Franklin County Commissioner at Phenix Banquet Center

We Were Honored to have Kevin Boyce at Phenix Banquet Center

Kevin Boyce for Franklin County Commissioner

Kevin Boyce Returned to Ohio House in 2012

State Representative Kevin L. Boyce returned to the Ohio House in 2012, and is currently serving in his third term. From 2015 to early 2016, he served as House Democratic Whip, a leadership position he was elected to by his Democratic colleagues.

Boyce continues his public service, after holding a position as the Managing Director for Rice Financial, a New York Investment banking firm that exclusively focused on assisting State, County, and City governments to finance capital projects.

Boyce has a long history of public service having previously served as a State Treasurer from 2009 to 2011. As State Treasurer, Boyce implemented a series of successful programmatic changes, through which, he reduced operating costs by 12 percent, slashed pension fund management fees by 63 percent, and launched the nation’s first web training for treasurers’ continued learning. His management of the institution earned him the distinguished partner award by the National Association of Securities Professionals. Boyce was also named Chairman of the Financial Literacy Committee for the National Association of State Treasurers.

Kevin Boyce: 8 Years as a Member of Columbus City Council

Prior to his appointment as State Treasurer, Boyce served eight years as a member of the Columbus City Council, of which the last three he was elected as President Pro Tempore and served as Chairman of the Public Finance Committee. During his tenure on Council in Columbus (the 15th largest city in the nation, and the largest city in the country with a AAA Bond Rating from all three major bond rating agencies), he established a record of fiscal integrity, performance based budget practices, and oversaw the adoption of the city’s $1.3 billion dollar annual budget, which includes a capital budget of nearly $400 million dollars for roadways, neighborhood development, and infrastructure improvements. Additionally, Boyce founded the Columbus Youth Commission, significantly expanded parkland and greenways, advocated for stronger civil rights laws, and championed job creation strategies that led to the creation or retention of over 20,000 jobs in central Ohio.

Boyce also served as Executive Director of KnowledgeWorks Ohio, a non-profit organization created with the mission of improving Ohio’s school systems through public development and advocacy. During his tenure at KnowledgeWorks he was a part of a team that invested over $100 million dollars in Ohio’s public school systems, implementing cutting edge education models such as Project GRAD, Small Schools, and Early College.

Ebony Magazine’s 30 Leaders Under 30: Kevin Boyce

Boyce has received many awards and honors, some of which include: Ebony Magazine’s National Award “30 Leaders under 30;” the National Council of Negro Women’s Community Service Award; The Society of Black Professionals’ Achievement Award; the Outstanding Role Model Award from the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; the Outstanding Public Service Award from the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; the Outstanding Service Award from the Franklin County Democratic Party; served as a delegate to the 2004 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions; was selected as one of the United States Delegates to South Africa for the American Council of Young Political Leaders; and was honored in 2009 by Wilberforce University with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree for his distinguished career in public service, commitment to community, and dedication to higher education.

Boyce earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of Toledo and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Central Michigan University. He is an active member of the historic St. Paul AME Church in Columbus, Ohio where he serves as a steward and is an active participant in activities for youth and young adults. Boyce and his wife Crystal have two sons, and reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Rep. Boyce serves on the House Community and Family Adevancement Committee, the Community and Family Advancement Subcommittee on Minority Affairs, House Finance Committee, House Finance Committee on Higher Education, House Rules and Reference Committee and the Controlling Board.


Sep 16

Gold Chiavari Chairs for The Athena Ballroom

Golden Chiavari chairs at Phenix Banquet Center setup with a table cloth - seats 12

New Gold Chiavari Chairs

We are pleased to announce that we have new Golden Chiavari chairs with elegant white cushions attached! This setup can be utilized for weddings receptions, ballroom dances, reunions and any kind of formal party. Therefore, these chairs are the perfect addition to the Athena Ballroom! We can help you customize the appearance of the table because we want your event to be special! As an example of a formal setup, we have overlaid a red floral patterned table cloth on top of a traditional white table cloth. You can view the mini gallery for a closer look of our new chairs! If you are interested in hosting an event at Phenix Banquet Center, then please be sure to call us today!

Gallery of New Gold Chiavari Chairs

A Wedding to Remember

Our customers agree that the Gold Chiavari chairs are perfect for weddings! Weddings such as this one for Mr. and Mrs. “S” took a lot of careful planning and thought to put together. If you would are planning a wedding, then be sure to schedule an appointment with us for a tour of our facility! Are you planning a wedding? Phenix Banquet Center the perfet wedding venue >>

Gallery of a Wedding Reception Setup

Great for Meetings Too!

Phenix Banquet Center is great for meetings of any type:

  • Training Sessions and Motivational Speakers
  • DIY Classes and Educational Lectures
  • Business and Networking Meetings
  • Event Merchandising, Art Exhibits and Trade Shows
  • Town Hall Meetings and Political Conventions
  • Award Celebrations, Reunions, Birthday Parties and Graduations
  • Gaming Groups and Social Clubs
  • Religious Retreats and Motivational Speakers
  • Non Profit Association Meetings
  • Hiring Events / Job Fairs

Be sure to check out our: Meeting Rooms >>

Aug 12

Dwight Bailey – Bassist – First Friday September 2 at Phenix

Dwight Bailey at Phenix Banquet Center First Friday September 2, 2016

Phenix Banquet Center Presents: Dwight Bailey, Bassist

Bassist Dwight Bailey, born in Detroit and raised, musically speaking, in Central Ohio. He claims to have received the best bass training from both Midwest cities. As a teenager he predominately played gospel and began working with artist like Bobby Jones, LaShaun Pace & Douglas Miller.

Dwight Bailey rocking out his bass guitar on stage

Dwight Bailey’s Worldwide Musical Tour

Dwight has spent the last several years touring all over the world and has performed on some of the most prestigious platforms in music, such as the Monterey Bay Blues/Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, The London Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall and the Primavera Music Festival, to name a few. He has also held down the low end at the world famous Hollywood Bowl for artist like the Blind Boys of Alabama, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Terence Blanchard, Nicholas Payton, Arturo Sandoval, Anthony Hamilton, TelMary, Marcus Belgrave and his boss of 3 year, 6-time Grammy Award Winner New Orleans artist, Dr. John.

Today, Dwight continues to tour with various artist and enjoys playing the local scenes in both Ohio and Michigan.

Dwight Bailey Performs his Bass Solo: Chameleon

Dwight Bailey, bassist, plays his solo in the song, Chameleon, with Carl Sally on the saxophone, Vernon Hairston on the keyboard, and Jerry Powell II on the drums (Band: Carl Sally & Friends, in Columbus, Ohio.)

Come see Dwight Bailey, First Friday September 2

Join us for great music and displays of musical talents, as well as delicious food and drinks in a fun and safe environment. We hold our First Friday Event the first Friday of every month at our facility. This event begins at 6:00 p.m. and lasts until midnight. Rock on with Dwight Bailey, on Friday September 2, 2016! Be sure to attend this awesome event! Great Food, awesome drinks and the smoothest bass player in Columbus!

Jun 23

Black Alabaster – Tour du Monde – Saturday July 23, 2016 – 7:00pm

Black Alabaster Presents:

Chef’s Table: “Tour du Monde” – Black Alabaster – Saturday, July 23, 20167:00 – 11:00pm at Phenix Banquet Center, 2101 Noe Bixby Road. Columbus, Ohio 43232

Admission is $75 and includes three Chef paired wines. The menu and wine pairings are inspired by Chef Darryl’s (aka Black Alabaster) 20 years of cooking, living and learning experience. The evening’s menu celebrates the locations of his ultimate dream vacation around the world. This is an adult affair, 21 years of age and older. First course is to be served promptly at 7:45pm.

The Chef’s Table – “Tour du Monde” – Taste the world in 6 plates!

The “Tour du Monde” Menu

  • Flight 1 – IndoAsian – Appetizer Trio
  • Flight 2 – Europe/UK – Nicoise Salad
  • Flight 3 – West Africa – Peanut Soup
  • Flight 4 – Caribbean – Intermezzo
  • Flight 5 – Central America – Lamb/Seafood/Vegetarian Entree with Saffron Yuca and Braised Greens
  • Flight 6 – USA – Strawberry Peach Shortbread w/ Lavendar Cream and Brown Sugar

Live music from the David Swank Trio.

Purchase tickets online at or Call Chef Darryl Palmer at (614) 805-9855

About Darryl C. Palmer (Black Alabaster)

darryl top chef palmer aka Black Alabaster at Phenix Banquet Center

Darryl C. Palmer is a professional chef in Columbus Ohio. For fifteen years, Professional Chef Darryl C. Palmer has provided private chef and public catering services to a variety of patrons and organizations. His past clients include former OSU Football Coach Jim Tressel and American funk band Sly and the Family Stone. He also served as the Executive Chef for President Barack Obama’s September 2012 Town Hall Meeting at Schiller Park in Columbus, Ohio.

Darryl was featured in the State Fair Iron Chef Steak Cook Off, the Columbus Home and Garden Show, and Taste the Future Columbus. His professional experience includes Chef Apprentice of Medallion Country Club, Westerville; Head Chef of Kroger – Brewer’s Yard, Columbus; and Sous Chef of COSI, Columbus. Darryl’s love of all music, cultures and cuisine fueled his motivation to launch the international fusion catering company Black Alabaster IFC in 2015 with a mission to supply quality food and entertainment while uplifting the mind, body and spirit of its customers.

Jun 07

E-Flat – Columbus OH – First Fridays – June 3, 2016

First Friday, June 2016 at Phenix Banquet Center

E-Flat – Columbus Ohio played at Phenix Banquet Center on June 3 2016. Every First Friday at Phenix Banquet Center’s The Apollo Lounge features a great food and drinks as well as enjoyable music performed by one of Columbus’ talented local bands. Tickets are always just $10 every first Friday of the month. June’s First Friday featured an awesome musical performance by E-Flat as well as delicious food by Phenix Banquet Hall’s top chef Darryl Palmer.


Great Food at Phenix Banquet Center’s First Fridays

First let’s look at the food. Here are some delicious creations that are both casual and delicious What’s better than good food and drinks. Only at The Apollo Lounge!

fries with a sweet onion garnish and roasted chicken wings with carrot, celery and ranch dressing
Left: Awesome fries with a chopped sweet onion garnish and Right: slow roasted chicken wings with celery, carrots with ranch dressing.

mexican inspired taco with lettuce, tomato and corn
Above: A delicious Mexican inspired flour tortilla wrap with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and corn

E-Flat Columbus OH – Performance at First Friday

E-Flat is a smooth jazz band featuring some of the best and talented musicians in Columbus Ohio.  The members consist of founder David Dennis (Saxophone), Erika Dennis (Vocalist), Jesse Leonard (Bass Guitar), Daniel Goins (Keyboards) and Jerry Powell (Drums). The band plays a mix of smooth jazz, gospel & contemporary gospel, R&B, soul and neo-soul music that will keep you entertained throughout the evening and into the night.

“We believe that the best thing we’ll hear about our jazz band is that we are highly qualified to do the best.” – E-Flat’s Official Website.

e-flat Columbus ohio jazz band

Be sure to stop by Phenix Banquet Center every First Friday and listen to Great Bands like E-Flat!

Phenix Banquet Center features a new event every First Friday of the month in The Apollo Lounge. Be sure to stop by on Friday June 1, 2016 for another awesome night of great food, great music, drinks at the bar and dancing! Come grab some friends and enjoy an interesting evening of fun and relaxing music! 

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