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Oct 28

5 Ways to Look Perfect For A Masquerade Party

great outfits and masks for your masquerade ball

Masquerade Balls were all the rage in the 15th century. Even in today’s time, masquerade balls are fun. We have costume events for Halloween, but a masquerade ball can be any time throughout the year. Dressing up and putting on a mask can be a lot of fun, especially if the masquerade ball is for …

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Oct 16

Kevin Boyce for Franklin County Commissioner at Phenix Banquet Center

Kevin Boyce for Franklin County Commissioner

We Were Honored to have Kevin Boyce at Phenix Banquet Center Kevin Boyce Returned to Ohio House in 2012 State Representative Kevin L. Boyce returned to the Ohio House in 2012, and is currently serving in his third term. From 2015 to early 2016, he served as House Democratic Whip, a leadership position he was …

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Jun 23

Black Alabaster – Tour du Monde – Saturday July 23, 2016 – 7:00pm

darryl top chef palmer at Phenix Banquet Center

Black Alabaster Presents: Chef’s Table: “Tour du Monde” – – Black Alabaster – Saturday, July 23, 2016 – 7:00 – 11:00pm at Phenix Banquet Center, 2101 Noe Bixby Road. Columbus, Ohio 43232 Admission is $75 and includes three Chef paired wines. The menu and wine pairings are inspired by Chef Darryl’s (aka Black Alabaster) 20 …

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Jun 07

E-Flat – Columbus OH – First Fridays – June 3, 2016

First Friday, June 2016 at Phenix Banquet Center E-Flat – Columbus Ohio played at Phenix Banquet Center on June 3 2016. Every First Friday at Phenix Banquet Center’s The Apollo Lounge features a great food and drinks as well as enjoyable music performed by one of Columbus’ talented local bands. Tickets are always just $10 every …

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May 17

First Fridays: May 6 with Adriah Shahid and Friends

Adria Shahid: “Time to Share the goodness I’ve been givin!” “Time to share the goodness I’ve been givin “ is Ms. Adria Shahid ‘s current motto. She enjoys sharing her passion in eclectic sounds of soulful jazz through musical vocal styling. When Adria Shahid is on stage you can really feel her funky and powerful vocals. …

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