Dec 12

What Not To Do At Your Company Holiday Party

Office Christmas Party

Christmas is around the corner and so is New Year’s Eve. Holiday parties have always been an essential end of the year celebration for many businesses. If you don’t want your company holiday party to end up like Office Christmas Party, which is a comedy movie that was released on December 9th, 2016. Then, I might just suggest the following 8 tips:

1 Don’t Excessively About Talk About Work

It’s perfectly fine as an icebreaker to tell someone whom you’ve never met, that you work in a certain department within the company, but it’s not okay to talk about it as if you’re actually at working. A holiday party is better used to get to know a coworker on a more personal level. Good topics to discuss are family, what their plans are for the holidays and maybe even personal hobbies.

2 Don’t Drink Excessively

Alcohol may be a part of the party, but since you are around people you work with, it is never a good idea to get too wasted simply because people from other departments, managers and executives will be watching. The last thing you want to do is act a fool and blame it on the alcohol, because that’s what people will remember you as.

3 Don’t Dress Inappropriately

An ugly Christmas sweater is perfectly acceptable (It’s the only time of the year when it is acceptable). If ugly Christmas sweaters are not your style, then go with traditional Christmas colors such as reds, greens and whites. Dressing like you are going out to a club is probably not acceptable because it is still a professional event. This means, no revealing clothing and no clothing that would be deemed inappropriate.

4 Be Careful With Social Media Posts

You may be the type of person who likes to check in and tag everyone, but don’t tag someone you don’t know without their permission. It’s also not a good idea to take pictures of people without their permission, just because you don’t know how that person would react being on your social media page. Some people may be fine with it, but others may not.

5 Don’t Appear Bored or Antisocial

Even if you are a self described “antisocial pessimist”, just be aware that you are here to build a better connection with your coworkers. Stop texting your friends and don’t be that person who looks stuck up and uninterested. Holiday parties are a time to “mix and mingle (in a jingle bell beat)” with other departments and people whom you may indirectly work with but never had a chance to meet.

6 Don’t Gossip

No matter what, do not talk negatively about other coworkers. Stay away from coworkers who are talking negatively about another coworker. If someone else is talking negatively about a coworker, then either excuse yourself or change the subject.

7 Don’t Act Like You’re at The Club

Outside of work, you may be the barfly cougar or even a pick up artist in training, but when you flirt with coworkers, you are flirting with disaster. Yes, there might be dancing and there might be alcohol, but that’s no excuse. Restrain yourself and still act professional. You may not be at work, but someone in the company will know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes!

8 Don’t Give Inappropriate Gifts

Your gift can be funny, but it is generally not a good idea to give people offensive or inappropriate gifts for a Secret Santa exchange. The best rule is to keep the gift giving cheap and appropriate (think PG or G rated). Also be respectful of cultural values. Don’t be the douche bag who gives a Muslim coworker a gift certificate to Miss Piggy’s Bar and Grill. Don’t be the creepy guy who gives his office crush an expensive pearl necklace (your coworker is going to be more creeped out than impressed). There is no need to spend too much, but make your gift thoughtful and cheap.